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Best Sex Positions That Make Women Cum Fast!

In this eye opening article… I’m going to show you 3 of the best sex positions that make women orgasm easily.

Have you ever noticed that when a woman gets on top to ride you… she rarely if ever goes straight up and down.

What do women do when they get on top?

That’s right, they grind you!

Ever wonder why they do this?

It’s because she knows how to make you rub up on her g-spot and other sensitive nerves that make her orgasm. If you’re just going straight in and out… sure it still feels good to have you inside her, but you’re NEVER going to hit her orgasm areas and she won’t be able to climax.

A lot of guys make the mistake of either believing that their girl is cumming when she’s really not or, they think she can’t reach orgasm because of their size or stamina…

Well I’m about to prove to you that all of these excuses are complete BULLSHIT!

When you start using these positions that actually stimulate her orgasm inducing areas, not only will you be able to make her cum in minutes, but you’ll also know for a fact that you’re giving her the BIG “O” because she’s going to be the one initiating sex with you all the time!

Oh yeah, and if you’ve ever felt like maybe you’re just not big enough “down there”, I’ll also show you a position that make you go really deep so you can give her that super intense, deep internal orgasm no matter what size you are.

So let’s get started…

Guaranteed Orgasm Position #1

Is called body surfing and it looks like this.

Instead of using doggy style in the traditional way where she’s on her knees, what you want to do is have her lay flat on her stomach with a pillow under the lower part of her stomach.

This raises her ass up in the air and because of the angle, you’ll be stimulating her g-spot directly with every thrust.

Lay flat on top of her and thrust in an up and down motion.

And since your head is right above hers, you’re in the perfect position to use some dirty talk.

Tell her how amazing she feels around you and how sexy she looks with her back arched like that.

Another thing you can do that will raise that primal animal instinct is to hold her arms down with yours. This makes you even more in control and women love it.

Now it won’t take long at all for her to orgasm in this position, and once she does, it’s going to feel really sensitive to her and she’ll most likely tell you to stop because it’s just too intense.

Don’t stop, keep thrusting but very slowly. Then increase your speed as she gets more and more into it.

Now it’ll take even less time for her to have another multiple orgasm and this one will be a lot more intense then the first.

Guaranteed Orgasm Position #2

Is the g-drive with a pillow.

In this position, your girl lays on her back with a pillow under the lower part of it.

She can place her feet on your chest, or her ankles on each shoulder.

While you thrust back and forth, you’ll be rubbing along the entire length of her g-spot and because of the angle in this position, you’ll be able to go really deep and stimulate her deep spot as well.

To give her the most intense pleasure possible in this one, shorten your thrusts.

What I mean is instead of going all the way in and then all the way back out again… thrust in as deep as you can but only come out about half way.

When you do this you’re providing non stop stimulation to her g-spot while you go really deep and if you get the right timing, you can even give her simultaneous orgasms by doing this.

Guaranteed Orgasm Position #3

Is called the rocking release.

In this position you’ll be sitting down on a bed or couch while you lean back a bit. Your girl gets on top of you with each leg on the sides of your body.

Tell her how sexy it would look if she leaned back while riding you. She can either place her hands on the bed, or on your legs if you’re on a couch.

Now you have to know something about girl on top positions.

Like we said before, the reason she’s getting on top is because she knows exactly how to thrust in the best motion that will make her cum.

When a girl gets on top, most guys have the horrible habit of thrusting from underneath. This completely fucks up her rhythm and practically guarantees that she’ll never cum.

When a woman gets on top of you, don’t take away her orgasm. Let her do the thrusting and help her climax quicker by playing with her boobs and rubbing her clit.

Now she’s gonna cum really quick because not only is she getting the most stimulating internal sensations, but you’re also giving her some incredible external stimulation.

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