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Best Position For Deep Penetration – Positions For Smaller Guys

If you’re on the average or smaller side but want to make your girl cum and give her the “huge” sensation, you’ll want to use one of the best positions for deep penetration.

The fact is there are specific positions that can make even the smaller of us feel huge to your girl just because of the angle you use.

First, a quick tip on using these positions to give her orgasms. If you really want to give her the most amazing orgasmic experience possible from these positions, then give her a clitoral or g-spot orgasm or 2 first.

You could use any one of these positions as the first of your session and make her cum. But the truth is that it takes a lot less stimulation if she’s already come one or more times before.

By working your way up from foreplay orgasm, to clitoral penetration orgasm, to g-spot penetration and then a deep spot penetration orgasm, not only do you make it much easier on yourself, but the orgasms she has will increase in intensity every time.

This really is the difference between being a great lover that makes her climax easily, and just some regular guy who makes her cum every once in a while. When you give her one pulse pounding orgasm after another that builds in intensity every single time, she’s going to have one of those unforgettable nights that she swears to all her friends was the best of her life.

The first position for deep penetration is called Daily Devotion.

It’s a lot like the classic missionary but she’ll be wrapping her legs around you and your buttocks so that you can go a lot deeper.

When starting out in this positions, I suggest you go slow and a little more “romantic” at first since it is such a close up and face to face position, and then gradually increase your speed and pressure.

Be sure to look a lot into her eyes while you’re in this position. Even if she’s a little shy and doesn’t look to much into yours, help her relax and enjoy the emotional connection by showing her that your relaxed and comfortable.

Remember, sex for women is all about the emotion and if you make her feel like you’re not comfortable with her or sex by shying away, she won’t feel right either.

From here you can easily lift her into the Back Bend Bliss.

The wider she spreads her legs here, the deeper you’ll be able to go. So a simple tip to do this is to get her holding onto her ankles like you see here.

This will naturally spread them open some more for her to be able to reach them.

The next deep spot position is the Raised Butterfly.

In this one you’ll want to place 2 or 3 pillows under her lower back and butt area to lift her pelvis up to the same height as yours.

You can also adjust how tight she feels to you by the placement of her legs.

If you want her really tight, put both her legs on the same shoulder. A little less tight, place one leg on each.

Or you can have her legs about shoulder width apart and have them resting on the inside of your slightly bend elbows.

Grab those love handles with a little pressure and fuck her hard to show her just how much you’re into it… Remember, EMOTION!

From the raised butterfly, try removing the pillows and leaning you both forward into The Seesaw.

Now while these are the deep spot positions, keep in mind that it’s very easy to rub up on her g-spot while you’re headed deep if you’ve got the right angle.

Just make sure that on your way in, you’re manhood is pressing up on the upper inside wall of her vagina.

Stimulate both her deep and g-spots at the same time like this and I guarantee that it won’t be long before she cums all over you.

In this particular position, it’s really about how she’s positioned that matters. You can raise yourself up if you want just make sure you’re holding her ankles so she’s in this same position. Or, another option is to get her to hold her ankles.

But again, it wont be long before she starts shaking and bucking from an incredible orgasm that she might not even be able to hold them up anymore… Enjoy!

Next up, we’ve got the Pressed Position.

A lot of the women I’ve been with tell me they really enjoy this one because it makes for an unusual sensation. Not only are you stimulating both the deep and g-spots at the same time, but the whole feeling of having her legs up and knees bent this way make for a whole different sensation.

Also take advantage of the fact that you’ve got her feet right there since this is one of her erogenous zones.

Now if you want tighter sensation and make yourself feel even bigger to her, straighten out her legs and cross them over your chest for the Sexy Scissors Position.

And you don’t have to do these ones on the bed either; you can do it on the kitchen table while you’re standing as well.

And just a little side not here, kitchen and other nontraditional local sex is some of the most passionate and exciting you’ll ever have.

If you want to learn all the 27 best position for deep penetration, clitoral penetration and g-spot stimulation positions… be sure to check out the sex god blueprint.

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