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Drill Sex Position – AKA Deeper Missionary

The drill sex position is a lot like the classic missionary but because she wraps her legs around you and this and angles her body just a little differently, you’ll be able to go much deeper.

When you start out in this position, I suggest you go slow and a little more “romantic” at first since it is such a close up and face to face position, and then gradually increase your speed and pressure.

Be sure to look a lot into her eyes while you’re in this position. Even if she’s a little shy and doesn’t look to much into yours. Doing this shows that your confident and comfortable which will help her relax and enjoy it much more.

Remember, sex for women is more about the emotion than it is the physical sensation and if you’re not comfortable and relaxed, she won’t be either and you’ll have an extremely difficult time making her cum.

The Drill Sex Position On Youtube

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